Crisp Evolution 5 x 20.5 | Vapour Black | Complete

Regular price $299.99

All New Crisp Evolution Complete scooter range is here! It's the ultimate scooter to get your rides the thrill and fun like no other. Sleek designs and colours will swept you off your feet and will make you grab the grips of its  beauty. Perfect for different categories of riders, the Evolution is packed with quality components to get things rolling to pump every ride and dash through the roads and parks with might. With the All New Concave Triple Channel Deck with Angled Rear,Crisp Chromo T Bars, Crisp Forged Alloy Fork and Thread-less Sealed Headset, 6mm High Tensile AxleBolts, the Crisp Evolution has come to a full swing of diversity and quality in all of its components. It has indeed evolve through its design and construction. Crisp Evolution Scooters are made with wide decks to match any freestyle reading for all rider levels.