Crisp Ultma 4.5 Satin Black/Red

Regular price $219.99

The 2018 version of the popular Crisp Ultima scooter is here. It's a stunt scooter built around a one-piece deck design for added durability. The deck comes with a fully integrated headtube and headset, which gives the scooter an easy spin.

The downtube is constructed with a Quadri-Concave design which makes it very strong and lightweight. The bar is made of aluminium and comes in a classical strengthened BMX-style design with a slight upsweep. The fork is made of a hybrid alloy for extra strength. The large 120mm aluminium core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings ensure that you can easily get up to speed.

And if you fancy a spot of night-time cruising you may find the Glow In The Dark to your liking. It will glow green after exposure to bright lights.