Envy Boxed Ends 130mm

Regular price $24.99

Envy has come a long way over the years. Focusing on optimizing their currently lineup, they released these boxed end inserts that converts your Envy deck into a more modern and usable shape for both park and street. You'll notice a difference in the way you lock into tricks like feebles, 50's and 5-0's especially. For just 20 bucks, these inserts are a no-brainer for anyone repping an Envy deck. Available in three sizes, check below for compatibility with your setup.






  • Small 120mm: Envy One complete, Envy Colt complete, Envy Prodigy complete, Envy KOS complete, the 2018 Raymond Warner and Jon Reyes AOSv4 LTD deck, the 2018 AOSv4 Standard Deck, the 2017 Jon Reyes, Raymond Warner, and Wazzeh AOSv4 deck.


  • Medium 125mm: 2018 Wazzeh and Flavio Pesenti AOSv4 LTD Deck, and the 2017 Charles Padel and Flavio Pesenti AOSv4 Deck. 


  • Large 131mm:  2018 Charles Padel AOSv4 LTD deck, and the 2018 AOSv4 XL Deck.