Envy Union Bar V1 ALU 650mm Black

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Envy is very well known for their amazing handlebars, especially Flavio Pesenti's signature Reaper bar which is made of aluminium. With the increasing popularity in aluminium bars Envy knew it was time to release a new model for an aluminium bar and ended up creating a magnificent bar which comes in black, polished, and the most requested colour being the oil slick and polished combo! Envy Union bars have the centre piece forged and then welded onto the cross bar which then requires a 90 day "curing" process to ensure they will hold up as best as possible.


Aluminium bars with a slit are compatible with IHC, mini HIC, and threaded compression systems only as is.


For ICS a starnut must be installed in the bars.


Compatible with full size SCS only if the slit is removed. Not compatible with HIC.


*PLEASE NOTE Because aluminium bars are not as strong as chromoly bars, they come with a more limited warranty. The Envy REAPER Bar is covered by a 30 day warranty against direct manufacturing faults in the welds and is not covered for bends in the aluminium tubing caused by riding. Aluminium bars are a lightweight product for use by smooth and proficient riders. Landing incorrectly, throwing bars from any height or dropping will damage the bars.


Union Bar



Materials used



7 Series Aluminium






600mm x 650mm









Paint or finish details



Oilslick, Polish, Black Paint



Graphic details






Construction details



Forged Center Piece Welded to Crossbar and Bar assembly