Ethic Erawan Complete BLACK

Regular price $299.99

Also known as one of the lightest scooters on the market, Ethic has made the Erawan. Weighing in at ONLY 3.0 Kg, this scooter is excellent for those who are into big airs and insane combos.

Just about everything on this complete is made from aluminum which means it is so much lighter than your average Pro Scooter.

Keep in mind that just because aluminum is a lot lighter than steel, it may not last as long. The scooter also comes with a fine sheet of Ethic griptape which was designed to be very rough for more grip.

Bar Height/Width: 25" x 23"(635 x 584mm)
Bar Material : Aluminum
Slit: YES
Compression: ICS
Headset: Integrated
Fork Max. Wheel Size : 110mm
Fork Material: Aluminum
Deck Length/width: 21" x 4.5" (533 x 114mm)
Deck Foot Space: 14" (355mm)
Deck Max. Wheel Space: 110mm
Wheels: 110mm Metal Cores
Overall Weight : 3.0Kg