Flavor Jasper Russell Signature Deck 4.8 x 21 V2

Regular price $229.99

  • Flavor Awakening Deck 
  • 4.8" wide x 22" long 
  • 3' degree concave 
  • Forged headtube 
  • Sqaure drop outs 
  • Sqaure blunt plate 
  • Increased foot space 
  • Steel flex brake with 5mm bolts 
  • High tensile axle included 12.9

From Flavor: 

Jasper is our long time team rider from Auckland, New Zealand. 

With the progression of scooters and the riders, this deck will suit the needs of those older riders looking for more space to grind on and increased foot space. 

With custom graphics done by Jasper's tatoo artist in Auckland, this deck is largest we have ever produced. 

Jasper V2 decks 4.8" x 22" long. We have made some solid improvements to one of our best selling decks ever. The new improved back end of the deck, is clean, solid and easy to keep dialled.

Forged headtube for increased strength and feel, flat sides and a true 4.8’ wide grinding surface.