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The GAIN Pro Knee Pads are the most comfortable way to avoid injuries - these slim and high end pads are manufactured from soft perforated neoprene material with antibacterial lining that prevents rashes and skin irritation and offers more protection against microbiological growth yet provides maximum breathability and sweat transmission.
The knee area features SAS-TEC foam - a viscoelastic polyurethane material with memory effect. After an impact or any kind of deformation the foam returns to its original shape quickly. The protector remains soft in case of slowly increasing forces, however when it comes to a fast heavy impact the resistance of the foam grows with increasing speed. Energy absorption keeps the impact forces to the knee area at a minimal level.
The knee area is covered with an extremely durable Cordura material called RipStop. Using this special fabric it is very unlikely to cut or tear a hole onto these area which usually gets the most abuse.
The additional padding on both sides of the lower knee area provides even more protection against pedals, cranks, decks or any damage.
Screen printed Velcro tabs for easy and stylish fit. Dual layer super soft Lycra fabric and “sharkskin” neoprene inner lining prevent the pads from slipping.

LIL'1 size Pro Knee Pads = size S Pro Elbow pads
LIL'2 size Pro Knee Pads = size L Pro Elbow pads
LIL'1 size Pro Knee Sleeves = size S Elbow sleeves
LIL'2 size Pro Knee Sleeves = size L Elbow sleeves


Lil' 1: 26cm - 30cm

Lil' 2: 29cm - 33cm

Price per pair.