Ride 858 | Atlas | Bar Oil Slick Alum Bar

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Ride 858 and the team have done all the research & testing and this is the result! Read on from the most innovating Scooter brand on the market!

Others have tried and failed. There is no other like the Atlas Aluminium Bar.

Its stands for strength, innovation and quality.

Atlas known for carrying of the weight of world. will be your favourite Aluminium Bar,

The Atlas Aluminium Bar is the best aluminium bar on the market with its patent internal reinforcement system.
The patent provides great strength in the areas where needed the most.

858 had the scooter scene in mind when designing the handle bar, as the design is tall, wide and suits both the street and park demographic with its’ sleek design.

Height: 650mm (25.5 inches)
Width: 620mm (24.4 inches)
Weight: 912 grams (2.0 lbs)

Additional sleek reinforcement gussets for that extra strength