Rogue 110mm Ultrex 3 (2 Pack) Wheel Hub Black/Gold bolts IN

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Introducing the all new Rogue Wheels Co. Ultrex 3 piece technology! The new revolution in scooter wheel technology! 

A two-piece core and interchangeable urethane rings allow you to replace and change your urethane on the go, giving you the ability to mix up your urethane durometers or replace a chipped or worn wheel without changing your core!

The urethane ring is locked in place by the Ultrex two-piece core which is fitted with 5 x 4mm screws.

The ingenious design means there is no movement when riding and the wheel feels like normal, but when it comes time to switch out the urethane you simply undo the screws, pop out the core with an allen key and switch over your rings!

Ultrex wheel hubs come as a pair and all urethane rings are sold separately as individual pieces.

The first time you buy you will need to purchase 1 x Ultrex Hub Pair and 2 x Ultrex Rings of your choice.

Owned and run by a legend of the sport, Dan Barrett, his passion is driven by the riding and the progression of scootering. Each wheel is made to make each individual ride enjoyable until you shred through the gummy urethane. With 12+ years of shredding experience, 2+ years of developing & testing Rogue guarantee their wheels are built for you to shred your fullest and keep rolling.