TSI Cheddie Fender

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The new TSI Cheddie Fender is out and ready for your scoot! They are heat treated spring steel and tension mounted to stay dialed.

What is a fender you ask? A fender will replace the brake on your pro scooter and prevent your foot from contacting your wheel.
Why ride a fender? As scootering continues to progress new trends and ways of riding take over. Currently, it is more "legit bro" to manual without using your brake. Fenders prevent this from even being a posibility and keeps you street as heck!
Why ride a Cheddie Fender? The Cheddie Fender is the first commercially available fender and changed the game.

Note: The Cheddie Fender is designed to be used on all TSI decks. This fender may fit your deck if it currently has a top mounted flex brake. Any concerns about compatibility please call or email us.