Figz | 110mm Wheel Sticker | Yin Yang

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Yin Yang | Wheel Wrapz

The Yin Yang Wheel Wrap is all about balance. Feel comfortable on your scooter and look good all at the same time! 

Figz Wheel Wrapz are designed to give your scooter a very special custom feel for a cheap price! You can now customise your wheels by adding your favourite Figz characters to them or by using one of our unique designs.  

Add a Wheel Wrap to your Hollowcore wheel by placing the sticker onto your wheel (once it has been cleaned) and then adding the protective clear adhesive over the top.

This will provide a level of protection that will prevent  scratches and marks from just about anything you could possibly encounter while riding your scooter.

Choose between 5 different designs available in both 110mm and 120mm sizes. 

Each Wheel Wrapz pack contains two stickers which is suitable for one wheel so you can Mix n Match your setup!