Grit | Bobby Rivas Sig Bars

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Grit Battle Bars are one of the most technologically advanced aluminium bars on the market, utilising hydroforming manufacturing processes to create a stronger aluminium bar.

Hydroforming allows the aluminium to be shaped without excessive heating, keeping the strucural integrity of the aluminium in tact during the manufacturing process. It also allows the internal diameter of the aluminium to be shaped in different thicknesses throughout the tubing so that extra strength can be added in areas where it is needed.

The final result of this hydroforming process not only give the Grit Battle Bars an incredibly unique design but also creates a stronger, more durable aluminium bar.

The Grit Battle Bars are only compatible with oversize SCS Compression and due to the unique, square design of the downtube we do not recommend that they be cut down in height.


WEIGHT 1.30kg (2.86lbs)
BAR HEIGHT 685mm (26.96”)
BAR WIDTH 610mm (24.01”)
REQUIRED CLAMP SIZE Oversize 34.9mm (1.37”)
MATERIAL Aluminium

*PLEASE NOTE | Because aluminium bars are not as strong as chromoly bars, they come with a more limited warranty. The Grit Battle Bars are covered by a 30 day warranty against direct manufacturing faults in the welds and are not covered for bends in the aluminium tubing caused by riding. Aluminium bars are a lightweight product for use by smooth and proficient riders. Landing incorrectly, throwing bars from any height or dropping will damage the bars